Mid Continent Well Logging has provided operators in the Oil and Gas industry with dependable and accurate mud logging services since 1988. Our main offices are located in Norman, Oklahoma. Mid Continent has logged wells throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and parts of Louisiana. Through boom and bust, Mid Continent has remained a reliable source for quality hydrocarbon logs.

Our Team

The MCWL team is the pride of our company. Our loggers are highly experienced professionals, many with decades of experience in mud logging. Our team has experience in logging many potential pay zones, including the Hunton, Mississippi, Arbuckle, Layton, Simpson, Caney, and Woodford. Nearly 80% of Mid Continent's wells over the last eight years have been horizontal wells, and our loggers are experienced in both vertical and horizontal drilling. Our loggers are backed by 24 hour service technicians to ensure that we are gathering as much information as possible with little down time.

Our Approach

In a time when most logging companies have a logger watch several wells at a time, Mid Continent will have one logger watching one well from logging depth to TD. We believe that this is necessary for gathering the most accurate information possible and sets us apart from other mud logging companies. Mid Continent loggers have earned a reputation for staying on location and playing an integral role in the drilling of a well.

Meet the Corporate Team

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