One Logger, 24 Hour Surveillance, daily reports and show reports
  Computer Program - WellSight Systems Inc. with
  Log Data Acquisition Console or GeoImage
  Continuous gas monitoring with total hot wire and chromatograph system
  Continuous and complete drilling time plot downloaded into microprocessor
  Inputs to LDAC or GeoImage scanned at micro second rate
  Wits capability with Pason or Totco systems
  Samples secured by drilling personnel, logged by Mid-Continent personnel
  Complete sample description
  Complete ultraviolet analysis
  Abbreviated daily mud and rig mechanic data
  Continuous strip log at any scale retrievable via WellSight Systems program
  Daily log distribution to operator via e-mail
  One set of dry cut samples
  LAS and TIF format available
  Four (4) final prints (color)


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